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Theme World Outdoor Photography

For outdoor photographers, NOVOFLEX offers a versatile range of products. We have put together a small selection. The NOVOFLEX Photo Umbrella PATRON is the ideal helper for rain and shine, the TRIOWALK tripod is a walking stick and stable camera support in one. The tripod head BALL-NQ is the outdoor ball head par excellence - due to the materials used and its construction, it is almost insensitive to external influences. The VR-SYSTEM III   allows for both the precise and fast creation of high-quality landscape panoramas as well as the use in close-up and macro photography. So you can immerse yourself in the world of NOVOFLEX outdoor products ...  

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TrioPod PRO75 with 3-section carbon fiber legs

3-section carbon fiber legs
max. working height: 154cm/60.6"

The Classic: VR-System III

With the arrival of digita recording and software-based post-processing, techniques for achiving perfect pannung shots and 360° panoramic views are attracting a lot of attentionin the photographic world.

TrioPod with aluminium legs, 4 segments

TRIOA2840 en
aluminium legs, 4-segments max. working height 148cm (58.3”)

TrioPod with aluminium legs, 3 segments

TRIOA2830 en
aluminium legs, 3-segments max. working height 153cm (60,2”)