The professional allrounder: VR-System PRO II "Heavy Duty"


For whom?

The Panorama VR-System PRO II HD is the perfect solution for professional photographers dealing with all facets of panoramic photography. The VR-System PRO II HD masters all varieties from spherical panorama, perspective-corrected flat panoramas, or classic cylindrical panoramas, on even the heaviest 35mm full-frame cameras.


The VR-System PRO II HD enables parallax-free, horizontal, and vertical pivoting around the nodal point of the lens. It is designed for multi-row panoramas in perspective-corrected flat or spherical projection. Due to the lower panorama base that can be moved in eight adjustable increments, classic single-row cylinder panoramas can easily be done as well. Comfort, stability and precision are the main features of this professional panoramic head.


There is an easy panoramic solution for the problem of “ converging lines in the field of architectural photography“. Simulate a digital shift lens, e.g. as in this case with a 19 mm focal length by using software! Due to the multiple individual images you get resolutions that are higher than those of digital backs.

Scope of delivery:

  • Panorama base PANORAMA=Q PRO II
  • Panorama base PANORAMA=VR III
  • L-bracket QPL VR-PRO
  • clamping plate QPL-PANORAMA,
  • spirit-level for flash shoe VR-WAAGE
  • printed manual

Technical specifications:

Suitable lenses: focal lengths from 10mm to 220mm
Adjustment in optical axis: 150 mm
Image reproduction: Single and multi row
Panorama Type: Spherical projections and other projection types derived from it
Recommended software: PTGui, Photoshop
Weight: 1490 g (3.3 lbs)
Camera/tripod fitting: 1/4” resp. 3/8” / 1/4”

A patented adjustment allows for 8 different click stops to be used in the lower panning base:

72 click positions (5 °), 48 click positions (7.5 °),
30 click positions (12 °), 18 click positions (20 °),
16 click positions (22.5 °), 12 click positions (30 °),
10 click positions (36 °), 8 click positions (45 °)
and stepless (360 °).

The vertical rotation setting is facilitated by an opposing engraving of 2 × 180 °.

The vertical panorama plate can be used with click-Stops at 10° intervals only.