The Specialist: VR-System 6/8 "Heavy Duty"

VR-6/8 HD en

For whom?

The Panorama VR-System 6/8 HD is the solution for photographers specialized in spherical panoramas for internet applications, virtual tours, etc. using super-heavy camera equipment. The utilization of a fisheye lens reduces the number of required images for a complete spherical panorama (360° x 180°) to three to eight images (depending on the focal distance and the crop factor). Thus, a high-quality result can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Completely new!

Optimized for fisheye lenses the new VR-System 6/8 HD enables horizontal and vertical rotation around the nodal point of the lens with two click-stop-panorama bases. Increments of 6 (60°), 8 (45°), 10 (36°), 12 (30°) each, as well as stepless rotation, can be set up. If the images are taken at every second click-stop, additional increments are possible. The system is sized to allow a complete vertical rotation of the camera. Each panning base is constructed very small and equipped with an integrated spirit level, so it doesn´t intrude into the picture. The front locking screw can be removed and is only needed in case of stepless adjustment. Due to its size and stability of the head, a professional D-SLR camera can be used.


The upper panorama base PANORAMA-VR III slides in the guide rail of the L-bracket, making additional adjustments of the base unnecessary when changing the height. The PANORAMA=VR III comes with 10° click-stops and a built-in spirit-level. The locking screws are removable if needed.

Scope of delivery:

  • Panorama base PANORAMA=Q 6/8II
  • Panorama base PANORAMA=VR III
  • L-bracket QPL VR-PRO
  • clamping plate QPL-PANORAMA,
  • spirit-level for flash shoe VR-WAAGE
  • printed manual

Technical specifications:

Suitable lenses: Fisheye, super wide-angle lenses on full-format cameras
Adjustment in optical axis: 150 mm
Image reproduction: Single and multi-row
Panorama Type: Spherical projections and other projection types derived from it
Recommended software: PTGui, Photoshop
Weight: 1230 g (2.1 lbs)
Camera/tripod fitting: 1/4” resp. 3/8” / 1/4”