Heads for multi-row panoramic images

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Heads for multi-row panoramic images

The NOVOFLEX systems for the creation of professional multi-row panoramic images allow the system to rotate around the center of the entrance pupil   of the lens to avoid the parallax shift between foreground and background. Besides impressive landscape panoramas in cylinder or flat projection, they also allow the recording of spherical panoramas to capture the complete space surrounding the photographer.

Brochure Panorama photography

Heads for multi-row panoramic images

VR-System Slim

The Panorama VR-System Slim is the system of choice for every ambitious mirrorless camera photographer who is looking for easy handling. The VR-System Slim masters all varieties of panorama photography.

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The Panorama VR-System PRO II HD is the perfect solution for professional photographers dealing with all facets of panoramic photography.

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VR-System 6/8 HD

The Panorama VR-System 6/8 HD is the solution for photographers specialised in spherical panoramas for internet applications, virtual tours etc.

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