Focusing Racks

Invaluable tools for any macro photographer

NOVOFLEX focusing racks for macro photography: Perfect for precise adjustments

Macro photography is a fascinating type of photography that allows you to capture the finest details of your subjects. To get the best out of your macro photography, precise focusing and adjustment are essential. This is where the NOVOFLEX focusing racks come into play.

NOVOFLEX offers a wide range of focusing racks for various requirements of macro photography. These racks allow you to make very fine and precise adjustments to your camera in all directions, without having to move your camera or tripod.

The NOVOFLEX focusing racks are available in different sizes and weight classes, so you can choose the rack that is best suited for your specific application. For example, if you use a small camera or a lightweight lens, then the CASTEL-Mini II focusing rack is the right choice for you. If you need precise adjustments in 2 axes, then 2 cross-focusing racks, the CASTEL-CROSS, are available. For the use of the focus stacking technique, we offer spindle-driven racks both manually and stepping motor-controlled.

The NOVOFLEX focusing racks are robust, lightweight, and easy to handle. They are made of high-quality materials and have precise guides to ensure reliable and accurate adjustment of your camera. Their compact design makes them fit in any camera bag and is therefore also ideal for outdoor use.

In short: The NOVOFLEX focusing racks are an essential tool for any macro photographer who values precise and sharp shots. Try them out and see for yourself the excellent quality and functionality.

Focusing Racks - Products

Focusing Rails for Focus Stacking

Spindle-driven focusing rails for the use of the focus stacking technique in photographic, metrological, and scientific applications. CASTEL-MICRO and CASTEL-M come into play when camera-internal functions reach their limits.

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Focus Stacking Accessories

Here you'll find infinity-corrected microscope lenses from Mitutoyo, matching tubes for direct use on cameras, and extension tubes for bellows.

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Focusing Rails CASTEL

NOVOFLEX focusing rails are indispensable accessories for macro and stereo photography. They can be mounted on any tripod and on the NOVOFLEX MS-REPRO macro reprostand.

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Cross Focusing Rails CASTEL-CROSS

The CASTEL-CROSS cross focusing rails allow highly sensitive and smooth adjustment of the camera in the X and Y directions without loss of stability and accuracy.

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