Universal Tilt-/Shift Bellows


The new tilt/shift bellows rounds out NOVOFLEX‘s comprehensive offering of high-end bellows.

Following on the BALPRO 1 universal bellows, the BALPRO T/S now provides a perfect tilt/shift bellows system for cameras up to a 6×7 cm format.

The tilt and shift functions are just what professional macro photographers have been waiting for.

The combination options are practically inexhaustible: Virtually all 35 mm and medium-format lenses as well as special lenses can be used
with nearly all 35 mm and many medium format cameras up to 6 × 7 cm. It is also possible, to create full-fledged automatic bellows for various cameras systems by combining the BALPRO T/S with one of the automatic reversing rings available here. High-precision controls, an attractive design, and high-caliber manufacturing make this the
perfect macro add-on.

The NOVOFLEX BALPRO T/S provides a tilt and shift function at the front and back of the bellows; the standard adjustment is 20 mm horizontally,
the rotation 15° left and 15° right. In normal shooting position, you can take ideal photographs according to Scheimpflug. Turn the
bellows by 90° to portrait format to compensate for converging lines. The BALPRO T/S has markings at the O and centre positions.

Please select the proper adapters to connect your camera(s)
and lens(es) here

Technical specifications:

Length: 200 mm (7.87”)
Width: 120 mm (4.72“)
Heigth: 185 mm (7.28”)
Weight: 975 g (2.14 lbs)
Minimum extension: 30 mm + adapters
Maximum extension: 170 mm + adapters