Universal Bellows BAL-F

BAL-F en
The NOVOFLEX Universal Bellows unit BAL-F is certainly one of the smallest and most versatile bellows units on the market. Thanks to a complete adapter ring system, almost any combination of different camera and lens systems is possible.

Function of a bellows device in general:

  • 1. Stepless extension = distance between sensor/film plane and lens (= image distance); thus format-filling photographing of smaller objects possible.
  • 2. With the Schneider Kreuznach lens Apo Digitar 4.5/90 stepless adjustment from infinity to 1:1 with 35mm camera.
  • 3. Telephoto lenses focus much closer than their near focusing range (without bellows); therefore tele-perspective in the close-up range and above all long working distance (no disturbance of the object, space for additional lighting).
  • 4. With standard- and especially wide-angle lenses (from the camera range) enlarged images = macro shooting; over 1:1 to about 7:1
  • 5. On the tripod: a separate focusing rack (CASTEL series) is used to focus without changing the bellows extension (= frame size) or the tripod; i.e. the zone of sharpness can be adjusted, while the magnification remains constant.

Adapters for cameras and lenses need to be ordered separately

Technical specifications:
Size: h = 103mm, w = 130mm, l = 180mm
Min. Extension: 29mm
Max. Extension: 116mm
Tripod connection: 1/4 " and 3/8" and ARCA UniQ/C-compatible dovetail profile

Please note: For better presentation, our application images may contain some accessories such as cameras, lenses, etc. which is not included in the scope of delivery.