Bellows Units

Turn small objects into great pictures

Bellows Units

Turn small objects into great pictures

The classic way to macro photography leads over the bellows.

We offer a wide range of different bellow systems.

From the universal bellows series BALPRO, where cameras and lenses of different manufacturers can be combined, over automatic bellows that transfer all functions between camera and lens up to the pro model BALPRO T/S with tilt/shift function:

Almost anything is possible with NOVOFLEX bellows.

Please note: focusing to infinity is not maintained when using original camera lenses


Bellows Units - Products

Bellows Attachment CASTBAL T/S

NOVOFLEX pays tribute to the trend towards smaller cameras with this new and customized accessory:                   The almost pocket sized Tilt-/Shift bellows attachment CASTBAL-T/S

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Universal Bellows BALPRO 1

The NOVOFLEX BALPRO 1 universal bellows is the most versatile bellows on the market.                                        With its complete adapter ring system it supports almost any combination of lens and camera Systems.

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Universal Bellows Tilt/Shift BALPRO T/S

The Tilt/Shift bellows rounds out NOVOFLEX‘s comprehensive offering of high-end bellows.                            Following on the BALPRO 1 universal bellows, the BALPRO T/S provides a perfect tilt/shift bellows system for cameras up to a 6×7 cm format.

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Bellows Kits for Leica

We also offer preconfigured sets of our universal bellows units CASTBAL T/S, BALPRO 1 and BALPRO T/S for users who work with the Leica Cameras M240, M10, S, S2 and S2-P.

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Automatic Bellows Unit

The automatic bellows unit BALCAN-AF was designed for the use with Canon EOS cameras and lenses and transfers all functions between the camera and the lens.

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