Adapter Rings

At this point you select the necessary adapter rings to connect your camera and your lens with the bellows attachment CASTBAL T/S

Please note the following

  • For 35mm + APS-C   SLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses, the   connectors each consist of a combination of 2 rings
  • For medium format cameras and   lenses   only one ring is required
  • Only manually controllable lenses can be used (exception: Nikon G Nikkor, Minolta AF / Sony Alpha SLT lenses)
  • Data transmission between the camera and the lens via the bellows does not take place (exception: usage of the EOS/MFT/NEX-RETRO reverse adapters for Canon EOS/MFT/Sony E equipment)

Adapter Rings - Products

CASTBAL T/S Camera adapters

All available adapters for 35mm, APS-C and medium format SLR- and mirrorless cameras

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CASTBAL T/S Lens adapters

All available adapters for 35mm- and medium format lenses as well as microscope-, enlarging- and large format lenses

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