Adapter ring combination Leica M camera to BAL-F bellows


Adapter ring combination Leica M camera to BAL-F bellows

-High-precision adapters
-no information transfer between camera and bellows unit
-Exposure by means of aperture priority mode or completely manual


It is a combination of 2 adapters - the front one has the bellows connection, the rear one is camera-specific and can be exchanged if necessary against an adapter for another camera.

We recommend using this adapter with Leica M cameras with LiveView mode only. On all other M cameras, focusing is only possible with the Visoflex II / III reflex housing.

The ideal solution for demanding photographers: The adapter combination of the AFLEX intermediate adapter and the corresponding, extended camera-specific LEMA mount opens up new photographic possibilities in conjunction with the universal bellows unit BAL-F and the Schneider Kreuznach Pyrite 4.5/90 lens. Through the precise calibration of these adapters, you achieve focusing from infinity to 1:1 with maximum bellows extension. This combination is particularly suitable for sophisticated applications such as slide copying, reproduction photography, and product photography in the reprographic field.