Professional image results in no time


Professional image results in no time

The NOVOFLEX MagicStudios are professional and ingeniously simple solutions for every close-up and macro photographer. MagicStudio light tables give your shots the perfect background and allow for an excellent light guide on the object.

The result are professional images in no time.

Present your products for example for internet applications, for industrial applications, for the production of catalogs and similar.

If the Magic Studio is not needed, it can be stowed easily and compactly folded flat.

MagicStudio® Brochure

The NOVOFLEX MagicStudio is an expandable set of portable shooting equipment. Adjustable and easy to use, it creates almost inexhaustible options for all types of tabletop photography. It‘s the perfect tool for professionals and amateurs alike to create still-life and product photographs in professional quality.

MagicStudio - Products

MagicStudio Kits

With the Magic Studio System Novoflex has THE SOLUTION for every table top work with small to medium sized objects – no more heavy and bulky constructions, but a light, modular and flexible solution which provides a perfect background with excellent light control.

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MagicStudio Shooting Tables, single

All reflected-light and transmitted-light plates are made of flexible, high-quality special-coated materials and two bead-stop window draw pull-strings. Pull the strings through the holes in the plate until the desired sweep, or scoop is obtained.

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MagicStudio Accessories

Intelligently selected accessories complement the system of the base plates ideally. A recording table allows for various plate positions. With newly developed accessories, continuous light, flashes, object holders can be clamped to the table. A second translucent plate is used to create a light dome, which ensures optimum light distribution in the case of continuous light or flashlight.

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