Slide- and Negative Duplicator


Slide and negative duplicator for the exact positioning of slides and negatives of different formats. The perfect addition to the variable copy stand MS-MACRO-REPRO.
The slide and negative duplicator can be inserted directly into the variable guide rails of the copy stand and can thus be positioned either vertically or horizontally.
MS-FILMCOP includes inserts/format masks for 35 mm slides in 5 x 5 cm mounts and 24 x 36 mm format masks with guide ridges for 35 mm film strips.
Inserts/Masks are easy to change. Mounted 35 mm slides can be placed directly from above on the device, for placing film strips the pressure frame has to be opened.
Bottom part with adjustable stop pins for different film widths plus four stepless adjustable masking strips.
For direct use on a light panel, the slide and negative duplicator has 4 rubber feet on the underside to avoid scratches.

Format masks for 4.5x6 cm (MASKE645) and 6x6 cm (MASKE66) are optionally available.

Weight: 599g/1.3 lbs
Dimensions: 15x13x4cm/5.9x5.1x1.6"

To illuminate the slide and/or negative templates, we recommend the Slimlite Plano 22x16 cm LED light panel from Kaiser Fototechnik #2453 or the NANLITE LumiPad 11 LED camera light for tripod mounting.

Please note: For better presentation, our application images may contain some accessories such as cameras, lenses, etc. which is not included in the scope of delivery.