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The most flexible tripod system in the world

The two different tripod base versions of the TrioPod system allow for flexible adaptation to a wide range of photographic requirements. [Nbsp]

The TRIOPOD is the most versatile base version with a choice of 1/4 "or 3/8" thread connection, allowing you to work with a wide variety of tripod heads. The TrioBalance   base has an integrated leveling system and thus enables a quick alignment of gimbal heads and panoramic systems.

However, all 3 tripod versions have one thing in common - they can be equipped with aluminum, carbon fiber or hiking stick legs, which can be exchanged with mini legs at any time if a table stand is needed or is to be worked close to the ground.


TrioBalance Base w/o Legs

TrioBalance tripod base with integrated leveller, single

TrioPod Base w/o Legs

TrioPod tripod base, single.

BasicPod Mini tripod

BP en
The new and unique NOVOFLEX BasicPod

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