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TrioBalance w/ 3-Section Carbon Fiber Legs and Mini Legs


3-segment carbon fibre legs
Extension length of the legs: 60cm-160cm(23.6”-63”) 
Max. Working height: 155.5cm (61.2")
Min. Working height: 10cm (3.9") (when using the exchangeable mini legs)
Upper thread connection: 1/4 " and 3/8", interchangeable

Side accessory connection: 1/4 "and 3/8"
Resting angle of the leg connections: 20 °, 40 °, 60 ° and 87 °
Diameter of the leg segments (mm): 27.9 (1.1"); 24.9 (0.98"); 21.9 (0.86")
Complete weight: 1565g (3.30 lbs)
Unscrewed steel spike below the rubber cap
Exchangeable mini legs and tripod bag included
Through the interchangeability of the legs, the set allows the flexible construction of the following tripod variants:

  • 3-leg support with 155.5cm (61.2") working height
  • 3-leg stand, mini-table stand or tripod for ground-level work
  • Monopod
  • "Leaning Pod" - Use of 2 Mini Legs and one of the longer legs

By means of the available tripod leg extensions, the tripod can be extended by an extra 50cm (19.69").