Quick Release Systems

Quick solution, stable fit

Quick Release Systems

"Here comes together what belongs together."

The two NOVOFLEX quick release systems Q and MiniConnect enable the fast and secure connection of the camera and the tripod head.

While the NOVOFLEX Q system is consistently integrated into the widely used ARCA Swiss standard, the MiniConnect is small and inconspicous, but with an untraceable holding force.

The NOVOFLEX Q-System offers a wide range of different quick release units and plates for mounting solutions that leave nothing to be desired.

Quick Release Units - Products

Quick Release Units Q=System

With the ARCA-compatible quick-release clamps of the Q=System, cameras can be mounted easily and safely at any tripod or ball head with 1/4“ or 3/8“ thread.

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Coupling plates Q=System

A large variety of coupling plates (Q=Plates) is available in almost any size to support different types of photo and Video equipment. The Q=System is also compatible with plates of many third-party manufacturers (Arca style dovetail).

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MiniConnect System

This elegant quick-release connection system offers outstanding stability. It is robust enough to take even heavy cameras and lenses. The ingenious design permits single-handed operation, as the connectors lock automatically on insertion.

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