Geared Heads

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Geared Heads

Welcome to our Geared Head category – the key to precisely aligning camera equipment. Explore innovative solutions here to elevate your photographic skills. The modular Geared Head KOPF² allows customizable assembly, adapting equipment to specific needs. Additionally, the modular Goniometer Head QUBE offers a 15-degree adjustment, stackability, and expandability for enhanced versatility. These premium features ensure unparalleled accuracy and stability, allowing perfect focus on composing the final shots.

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Geared Head KOPF²

The innovative modular Geared Head KOPF² redefines how photographers position their cameras in architecture, studio, macro, and landscape photography. It features precise fine-tuning for both axes and an additional quick adjustment on both axes.

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Goniometer Head QUBE

The Goniometer Head QUBE impresses with its modular structure, providing photographers and nature observers with unprecedented versatility. Its standout feature is the pivoting function, allowing precise movement of attached cameras, bellows, and other devices by 15° to the right and left.

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