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Reverse adapter for Sony E-Mount cameras

Reverse adapter for Sony E-Mount cameras
Fascination Macro Photography
Thanks to its outstanding products for close-up and macro photography NOVOFLEX has achieved an excellent reputation with
photographers worldwide. The Memmingen based specialist for photographic accessories is now enlarging its assortment by the new reverse adapter NEX-RETRO for Sony E-Mount cameras with full frame and APS-C size sensors.
By means of the new reverse adapter owners of Sony E-Mount cameras are offered an easy and multifunctional access into the fascinating world of macro photography. The reverse adapter can be used with prime and zoom lenses as well. However, we recommend the use of zoom lenses for greater flexibility.
By default, the reverse adapter comes with a 58 mm filter size. For lenses with other filter sizes NOVOFLEX is offering serveral
stepping rings. In addition, the NEX-RETRO transfers all control functions between the camera and the lens, such as aperture
control and EXIF-data. Image quality is the decisive factor. In case of a higher magnification than life size the reverse mounting of a lens results in a remarkably better image quality in comparison to normal use. E.g., in case of the reverse mounting and a focal length of 45 mm an image scale of 2:1 can be reached by direct use of the adapter. Even greater image scales can be reached by using bellows. An image scale of 6:1 can be achieved with a focal length of 35 mm in combination with our BALPRO 1 bellow with full extension. The combination of the NEX-RETRO with our universal bellows units of the BALPRO or CASTBAL-series will form a full fledged automatic bellows for the Sony E-Mount system.
In order to protect the sensitive rear lens element we supply a high quality, multi-layered protection filter coming with the NEXRETRO. The reverse adapter NEX-RETRO is available immediately.

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