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Quick release unit Q=BASE II

NOVOFLEX Quick Release Unit Q=BASE II

AFavoriteis getting better…

For almost 15 years photographers and videographers are crazy about the Q=BASE quick release unit from NOVOFLEX. No other quick release system provides a faster and more secure way to attach and detach cameras to and from a tripod. Now, this favorite in the NOVOFLEX ARCA-compatible Q=System will be replaced by a lighter and more compact successor – the Q=BASE II.

Special emphasis has been put on easy handling and a more compact and lightweight design. The combined weight of the new model could be reduced to 120g (0.3lbs), compared to the 265g (0.6lbs) of the previous model. This feature will make the new Q=BASE II even more interesting to owners of compact system cameras.

Q=BASE II enables an automatic fixation of the used coupling plates. A further fixation can be effected manually. The combination of automatic basic function and manual fixation makes for an optimal control of fixation of the precious camera equipment. In addition, a removable spring-loaded „safety pin“,prevents inadvertent shifting of the coupling plates. The Q=BASE II comes with an integrated spirit level and can be used on tripod heads with both male and female thread. 

More than 20 different NOVOFLEX ARCA-compatible coupling plates are offered to complement the new Q=BASE II. They are available in different lengths and for different photographic requirements: For point and shoot-, mirrorless system-, D-SLR- and video cameras. Among them, NOVOFLEX offers 2 different L-brackets for a quick switch from portrait- to landscape format. All NOVOFLEX coupling plates are extremely stable and machined to the highest precision. 

The convenient handling in combination with utmost mechanical quality, technical precision and the elegant, modern design will ensure this popular tool a top position among quick coupling systems in the years to come.

The new quick release unit Q=BASE II will be available as of October, 2018.

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