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Portable Macro-Repro-Photo Studio

Turn small things into great objects

Portable Macro-Repro-Photo Studio from NOVOFLEX

Turn small things into great objects

NOVOFLEX is known as problem-solver for all the Macro- and Repro-photographers out there. With the new MS-MACRO-REPRO it lives up to its name.

The MS-MACRO-REPRO is a small and modular copy-stand and subject holder; in short: a mobile Macro-Repro photo studio. A typical NOVOFLEX-product. The modular photo studio can be used in different configurations, e.g., to turn small things into great objects, to create reproductions up to DIN A4/US-Letter size, or to digitize transparencies and negatives up to 6x6/2.4x2.4”.

The Macro-Repro-Studio consists of:

• Repro column

• mini tripod leg

• copy - / specimen holder in U-form with installed white translucent plexiglass plate.

The following accessories are available:

• slide- and negative duplicator


• infinity cove MS30

• metal base plate with 2 scaled magnetic strips MS-REPLA.

The repro column has been sized to duplicate templates up to DIN A4/US-Letter size, using a 35mm full-frame camera equipped with a Nifty Fifty or any other lens having 50 mm focal length. The two lateral legs of the U-shaped base frame can be individually positioned (shifted) by means of the rear toggle levers, e.g., to accommodate the slide- and negative duplicator MS-FILMCOP, the MS30 infinity cove, or the magnetic base plate respectively. MS-FILMCOP comes with exchangeable masks to digitize framed 35mm slides as well as 35mm negative film stripes. Holders for 6x6/2.4x2.4” and 6x4.5cm/2.4x1.8” film are available separately.

For the reproduction of plane templates, the white plexiglass plate can be replaced by the metal, magnetic base plate MS-REPLA. The magnetic plate is equipped with a raster, which makes positioning of your originals a child's-play. MS-REPLA comes with two scaled (cm and inch) magnetic strips, which aid in positioning curled and/ or rolled originals.

The U-shaped base frame is equipped with a precise laser-engraved scaling to achieve reproducible results. To properly light subjects, transparencies, and negatives the NOVOFLEX MS-REPRO LIGHTs (5600K) can be attached to the 1/4“-20 and 3/8“-16 threads present. Positioning of the lights is made easy by the gooseneck arms each light is equipped with.

MS-MACRO-REPRO can be utilized in 2 configurations:

1. as a copy stand and

2. as a mini macro studio.

The mini macro studio- configuration with the fitted infinity cove makes this the ideal macro- and focus stacking accessory. Want to employ a natural background? Nothing could be easier! Just replace the infinity cove with the plexiglas plate and slightly rotate it. MS-MACRO-REPRO is the perfect addition to the NOVOFLEX modular tripod-system TrioPod and also for all products having ARCA-compatibility.

The following kits are available:

MS-MACRO-REPRO Copy stand, U-shaped base frame, and white translucent glass plate

MS-MR-COP Copy stand, U-shaped base frame, and white translucent glass plate, slide- und negative duplicator MS-FILMCOP

MS-MR-PRO Copy stand, U-shaped base frame, and white translucent glass plate, 2 spacers PLATTE-M, slide- und negative duplicator MS-FILMCOP,
2 x MS-LIGHT, MS30 infinity cove and clips, 1 x MS-REPLA, magnetic plate with two scaled magnetic strips MS-MR-STUDIO Copy stand, U-shaped base frame, and white translucent glass plate, MS30 infinity cove, and clips

The MS-MACRO-REPRO will be available by beginning of January 2022.

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