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PL-Mount Adapter

PL-Mount Lens Adapters
Cine lenses for Canon‘s RF-Mount

NOVOFLEX the German manufacturer of high-quality lens adapters is adding to its lens adapter line-up. There is almost no camera-/lens combination for which NOVOFLEX does not offer a suitable adapter within its product range. With the introduction of the new EOS R5 and C70, Canon has brought the innovative RF-Mount to the Cine world. To address this, NOVOFLEX has updated its range of PL-mount adapters with the EOSR/PL, which enables the use of high-class cine lenses with PL-Mount on RF-Mount cameras.

PL-Mount Lens adapters have been designed for ambitious, and professional videographers alike, who want to employ the special features and advantages of high-end cine lenses for videos made with a range of today’s modern mirrorless cameras. Outstanding attributes of these lenses include stepless aperture control, compatibility with follow focus systems, a special “film look” and – in many cases – a greater focus area for an extremely soft and smooth transition from focus to blur, etc.

To meet the high demands of quality-conscious videographers, the flange thickness of each adapter can be individually adjusted. A kit of 5 shim rings (1 x 0.01mm; 2 x 0.02mm; 1 x 0.05mm) comes with every adapter. The NOVOFLEX PL-Mount Adapter is available immediately for the following mounts:

Canon RF-Mount EOSR/PL
L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma) LET/PL
MFT (Micro-Four-Thirds) MFT/PL
Sony E-Mount NEX/PL

Apart from the PL-Mount adapters, NOVOFLEX offers a huge selection of adapters for nearly every camera-/lens combination.

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