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NOVOFLEX extends its TrioPod system

NOVOFLEX extends its TrioPod system
TrioPod-M tripod shoulder

The TrioPod tripod system was a sensation when it first appeared on the market seven years ago. It was the first three-legged tripod with interchangeable tripod legs and it allows ambitious photographers to configure their own tripod from a modular toolbox to meet their specific needs and photographic requirements. Now NOVOFLEX has extended the system with the market introduction of a further tripod base, the TrioPod M.

The new modular tripod shoulder easily fits into the TrioPod modular system and is now the fourth tripod shoulder in the popular tripod system, alongside the TrioPod, TrioPod-PRO75 and TrioBalance tripod bases. With a diameter of 80 mm, its size is between the TrioPod standard base and the TrioPod-PRO75 professional base and harmonizes perfectly with the ClassicBall 5II ball head. The TrioPod-M can be used with all 28 mm carbon and aluminium legs of the TrioPod system, the mini macro legs, and the QLEG Walk III folding trekking poles. The tripod legs can be splayed out at different angles. Each leg connection has locking positions at 20°, 40°, 60° and 87°.

The set includes a center column that allows the working height to be increased by 27 cm. If necessary, such as to work near the ground, the center column can be removed from the tripod shoulder. Without the center column, the minimum working height is 6 cm and the maximum carrying capacity is 30 kg. With the center column fully extended, the maximum carrying capacity is approx. 5 kg.

Furthermore, on the side of the TrioPod-M there are two 1/4“ and 3/8“ screw connections to attach supports, extensions or flexible holders for external flash systems, etc. In addition, there are two sunken threads to attach two mini legs. These can also be used, for example, to fasten a backpack or photo bag to steady
the tripod. Access to items in the backpack or bag is also easier and equipment is protected if the ground is wet or dirty.

As with previous tripod shoulders the TrioPod-M will also be available in various sets consisting of either three aluminium or carbon legs, three mini legs, and a tripod bag.

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