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New NOVOFLEX-Automatic "Smart"-Bellows

NOVOFLEX Assortment Diversification
Automatic Bellows

Since 1969 already – the year of the first moon landing – bellows belong to the core assortment of NOVOFLEX and enjoy an excellent reputation from macro photographers worldwide. From now on, also users of the camera systems Canon EOS, Canon EOS-R, Fujifilm X, L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma), MicroFourThirds (Olympus, Panasonic), Nikon Z and Sony E-Mount will be able to enjoy an easy access to the fascinating world of close-up and macro photography thanks to the reliable NOVOFLEX automatic bellows.

The use is more than comfortable as all control features between camera and lens are automatically transferred. Even with the camera lenses, only, reproduction scales of 1:1 or more can be realized. Recommended as an ideal accessory is the extremely-high precision, apochromatic corrected lens head Apo Digitar 4,5/90mm (Order Code: FLEX-APO-DIGI 4,5/90) manufactured by Schneider Kreuznach, enabling a focusing from 1:1 until infinity.

As the new automatic bellows are perfectly integrated into the NOVOFLEX „model kit“ a later upgrade in order to use manual lenses as well can be realized without any problems.
In addition, lenses can also be used in retro-position at the bellows. The appropriate retro adapters are offered by NOVOFLEX as part of its extensive product portfolio.
Moreover, the new automatic bellows are also of high interest to be used with cameras with internal stacking function, as now reproduction scales of more than 1:1 can be realized.

Camera System Order Code
Fujifilm X BAL-FUX
MicroFourThirds BAL-MFT
Sony E-Mount BAL-NEX

The automatic bellows will be available by mid-September, 2019.

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