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New modular professional tripod TrioPod PRO75

NOVOFLEX enlarges its TrioPod tripod assortment
Modular professional tripod TrioPod PRO75

For almost four years the NOVOFLEX tripod series TrioPod belongs to the most innovative tripod systems on the market.
The Memmingen think tank is now enlarging this tripod series with a modular-designed professional type, the TrioPod PRO75.

Basis for this completely new conceived, modular-designed professional type is the new tripod shoulder TRIOPOD PRO75, which features great stability and a higher load capacity compared to the smaller TrioPod series tripods. The same applies to the new, clearly more robust, exchangeable 8-layered carbon fiber legs, which are available with three or four segments. The largest carbon tube has a diameter of 39 mm. Thanks to the reinforced design of the individual components, the TrioPod PRO75 can be used for even heaviest photo and video equipment. The maximum load capacity is now 65 kg/143 lbs.

A new feature of the tripod shoulder is the cover plate that can easily be detached and – if desired – can be replaced with a
levelling ball (MBAL-PRO75) or a geared center column (TRIO CC-PRO75). Compatible accessories of other manufacturers can also be used in the standardized tripod shoulder. These accessories can easily be fitted and locked in the tripod shoulder. The levelling ball has a surface of 75 mm and has a 15° movement in any direction. The levelling ball cannot only be used with the TrioPod PRO75 tripod shoulder, but also with any tripod with 1/4“ resp. 3/8“ connection. The self-impending center column is equipped with 1/4“ resp. 3/8“ threaded stuts at both ends and can be adjusted in height by 48 cm/19 in.

For shoots on ground surface the tripod shoulder disposes of locking positions, with which the legs can be strutted apart in
angles of 23°, 45°, 65° and 87°. In case of constricted room during indoor shootings a further locking position of 155° enables to strut the tripod at walls etc. The numerous different locking positions are helpful in case of transport, itself. In order to reach smaller packing sizes, the legs fold up at 180°.

In addition to the recommended new tripod legs C3930 (161cm/60.5cm – 63in/24in) and C3940 (161cm/50cm – 63in/19.7in) legs of TrioPod- and QuadroPod-systems can already be used with the new tripod shoulder TrioPod PRO75 as well. Using the 3-section resp. 4-section tripod legs without tripod head/center column a maximum working height of 1.54 m is
achieved. With the optionally available carbon leg extensions of 50 cm a total height of 2.0m/79in is possible.

In addition to the new TrioPod PRO75 short 2-segment carbon fiber legs C2820 (42cm/25cm – 16.5in/10in, upper joint diameter
28 mm) are available, by means of which completely new perspectives can be achieved. The short legs are suitable for the
TrioPod PRO75, as well as for the tripods TrioPod and QuadroPod.

The TrioPod PRO75 will be available by mid-November, 2017 in two set variants:
• TRIOPROC3930 consisting of TrioPod PRO75 tripod shoulder,
3x C3930-3-segment carbon legs, 2 x A1010 mini-legs, tripod
bag and multi-tool UVP.
• TRIOPROC3940 consisting of TrioPod PRO75 tripod shoulder,
3x C3940 3-segment carbon legs, 2 x A1010 mini-legs, tripod
bag and multi-tool.

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