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New Automatic Reversing Rings

NOVOFLEX Assortment Diversification
Automatic Reversing Rings

Products for close-up and macro photography are a specialty of NOVOFLEX and enjoy an excellent reputation in the photographic world. The Memmingen based company is now adding four new Automatic Reversing Rings for the camera systems Canon EOS-R, Fujifilm X, L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma) and Nikon Z to complement its extensive assortment.

Already with the kit lenses in retro position the new reverse adapters enable easy access to the fascinating world of macro photography. In fact, the achievable reproduction scale is larger than in the case of most of the significantly more expensive macro lenses. The reverse adapters are compatible with all prime lenses and nearly every zoom lens. Recommended are zoom lenses in the lower focal length segment. The huge number of compatible lenses as well as the use of a bellow, offer a manifold combination potential.

The new adapters transfer all control features between camera and lens. As standard, they are supplied with a 58 mm filter thread. Appropriate lens adapters are available for lenses with filter diameters from 37 mm to 82 mm. In order to protect the sensitive rear lens element NOVOFLEX supplies a high-quality, multi-layered protection filter „Made in Germany“ from the manufacturer Heliopan.

General advantages at a glance:
• small and light-weight
• all functions of the lens remain unchanged
• multi-purpose combination possibilities

Advantages over macro lenses:
• greater image scales
• inexpensive solution

Advantages over extension tubes:
• lighter and smaller
• gapless transition from normal to extreme image scales

Advantages over close-up lenses:
• remarkably higher image scales
• greater versatility in terms of image scales

Camera Mount Order Code
Fujifilm X FUX-RETRO

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