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Compact Focusing Rack

Compact Focusing Rack

NOVOFLEX focusing racks are indispensable appliances for precise focus setting in macro- and stereo photography. With CASTEL-MINI II the manufacturer from Memmingen, Germany is now launching a light and compact focusing rack, which is explicitly designed for compact camera types and appropriate accessories.

With a weight of only 265g and a length of 14.5cm, the new focusing rack offers a camera movement of 10 cm. Moreover, by movement within a compatible quick-release, a slideway movement is created. The new focusing rack can be easily integrated into the popular ARCA-/UniQ/C-standard and enables a quick, comfortable assembling. It can be used on every tripod respectively tripod head as well as on the NOVOFLEX repro stand MS-REPRO.

CASTEL-MINI II is the ideal addition to the new automatic bellows and is the perfect choice for close-up- and macro photography, for focus stacking as well as for stereo photography. It is the ultimate accessory for photographers setting a high value on lightweight and guaranteed the highest stability.
The CASTEL-MINI II will be available by mid-September, 2019.

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