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Auto Bellows and Auto Reversing Ring for Fujifilm GFX

NOVOFLEX Präzisionstechnik GmbH, a leading manufacturer of close- up and macro photography tools, is proud to introduce the new Auto Reverse Adapter and the new Auto Bellows for all Fujifilm GFX photographers.

The new Auto Reverse Adapter FUG-RETRO easily opens up the world of macro photography to all users of Fujifilm GFX cameras. It is compatible with all GF zoom and wide-angle lenses. As is standard with all NOVOFLEX Reversing rings, FUG-RETRO provides full electronic passthrough between camera and lens. The adapter is equipped with a 77mm filter thread by default, lenses having a different thread size can be adapted via stepping ring. Rings are
available for the following sizes: 58 mm / 62 mm / 67 mm / 72 mm and 82 mm (SKUs: REDUZIERRING 77/ ...). Filters, Macro Ring Lights, and other accessories can be screwed into the 77mm filter thread that sits on the rear of the Reverse Adapters female mount side.

Combining FUG-RETRO with any of the NOVOFLEX BALPRO-series bellows (BALPRO 1, BALPRO T/S, or CASTBAL-PRO) creates a fullfledged GFX-Auto Bellows. Explicitly worth mentioning is the image quality, which dramatically increases when using reverse-mounted zoom lenses in the macro realm.

Higher magnification factors are another point to consider. E.g. a Fujifilm GF 32-64/ 4.0 R LM WR mounted on the GFX-camera in reverse, will provide users with magnification factors from 1.3-2x life size.

Using a BAL-FUG with Fujifilm GF 50 mm / 3.5 R LM WR with full extension a nearly 4.0 magnification can be achieved. A Fujifilm GF 45-100/4,0 R LM OIS WR at 80mm focal length still delivers 3.6x magnification at full bellows extension. Considerably longer working distances are available by using a 120 mm macro lens at the bellows. A magnification of approx. 3x life size with a working distance of 13cm can be achieved at full bellows extension.

The NOVOFLEX Fujifilm GFX-Auto Bellows (BAL-FUG) and the GFX Auto Reverse Adapter (FUG-RETRO) are available now at local photo retailers and the NOVOFLEX webshop.

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