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Focusing Rail for Focus Stacking in Magnifications up to 5:1

The CASTEL-M focusing rail is the latest in innovative technology from NOVOFLEX. Its stylish and unique design is aimed at photographers who frequently work at magnifications from 1:1 (life-size) to 5:1. The manual focusing rail is exceptional in its construction and specifically manufactured for the application of focus stacking in a series of progressive magnifications to a maximum of 5:1. The CASTEL-M bridges the gap between high-end electronic rails such as CASTEL MICRO and conventional rail design. 

A second life for Mamiya RB and RZ67-lenses

For more than 70 years now, bellows are an integral part of the NOVOFLEX product range and enjoy an excellent reputation from photographers worldwide. The universal bellows of the NOVOFLEX BALPRO-series are amongst the top of the line in this range. The huge number of adapters lets photographers mix and match all types of modern and vintage cameras and lenses and makes this a sustainable and versatile solution for all kinds of studio and macro work. Launching PROMAM67, another lens adapter is now available.

PL-Mount Adapter

NOVOFLEX the German manufacturer of high-quality lens adapters is adding to its lens adapter line-up. There is almost no camera-/lens combination for which NOVOFLEX does not offer a suitable adapter within its product range. With the introduction of the new EOS R5 and C70, Canon has brought the innovative RF-Mount to the Cine world. To address this, NOVOFLEX has updated its range of PL-mount adapters with the EOSR/PL, which enables the use of high-class cine lenses with PL-Mount on RF-Mount cameras.

MagicBall FREE 50

The NOVOFLEX MagicBall is certainly a unique ball head, and as such has been awarded for its outstanding design and is enjoying a worldwide reputation for many years now. Due to its ingenious construction and its ergonomic design, the MagigBall is cherished by photographers all over the place. With the design of MagicBall FREE, the ingenious construction has been pushed further. Starting today, MagicBall FREE 50 accompanies its little brother MagicBall FREE.

NOVOFLEX extends its TrioPod system

The TrioPod tripod system was a sensation when it first appeared on the market seven years ago. It was the first three-legged tripod with interchangeable tripod legs and it allows ambitious photographers to configure their own tripod from a modular toolbox to meet their specific needs and photographic requirements.
Now NOVOFLEX has extended the system with the market introduction of a further tripod base, the TrioPod M.

Compact Focusing Rack

NOVOFLEX focusing racks are indispensable appliances for precise focus setting in macro- and stereo photography. With CASTEL-MINI II the manufacturer from Memmingen, Germany is now launching a lightweight and compact focusing rack, which is explicitly designed for compact camera types and appropriate accessories.

New Automatic Reversing Rings

Products for close-up and macro photography are a specialty of NOVOFLEX and enjoy an excellent reputation in the photographic world. The Memmingen based company is now adding four new Automatic reversing rings for the camera systems Canon EOS-R, Fujifilm X, L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma) and Nikon Z to complement its extensive assortment.

New NOVOFLEX-Automatic "Smart"-Bellows

Since 1969 already – the year of the first moon landing – bellows belong to the core assortment of NOVOFLEX and enjoy an excellent reputation from macro photographers worldwide. From now on, also users of the camera systems Canon EOS, Canon EOS-R, Fujifilm X, L-Mount (Leica, Panasonic, Sigma), MicroFourThirds
(Olympus, Panasonic), Nikon Z and Sony E-Mount will be able to enjoy easy access to the fascinating world of close-up and macro photography thanks to the reliable NOVOFLEX automatic bellows.

Quick release unit Q=BASE II

For almost 15 years photographers and videographers are crazy about the Q=BASE quick release unit from NOVOFLEX. No other quick release system provides a faster and more secure way to attach and detach cameras to and from a tripod. Now, this favorite in the NOVOFLEX ARCA-compatible Q=System will be replaced by a lighter and more compact successor – the Q=BASE II.

Lens adapters for the Fujifilm GFX50s

The mirrorless medium format camera Fujifilm GFX 50s caused an amazing furore on occasion of the last photokina exhibition in
Cologne. The sensor size of 43.8 mm x 32.9 mm with a resolution of 51.4 megapixel impressed both, photo enthusiasts and professional photographers alike. NOVOFLEX is now announcing a series of lens adapters allowing 35mm- and medium format lenses to be used on this new camera. By means of these adapters, a broad variety of lenses will soon be available for the new GFX50s.