Bellows attachment CASTBAL-PRO (w/o focusing rack)


Bellows attachment to the stepping motor-driven focusing rack CASTEL-MICRO, and the manual rail CASTEL-M.

Combined with appropriate lenses, this bellows attachment is ideal for both macro focus focus stacking and high-end product photography where absolute sharpness and depth of field are key. For this purpose we recommend the Schneider Kreuznach Pyrite 4.5/90mm lens head.

All adapters from the BALPRO adapter system are available for the adaptation of cameras and lenses.

The stacking steps usually take place via the movement of the camera standard. This has the advantage that the lens does not change in relation to the motif, which is e.g. important in jewelry photography for controlling reflexes.

In product photography, even larger objects can be stacked without problems because only the focus is adjusted and thus, in contrast to the usual stacking method, not the entire distance must be traveled.

The advantage of the stacking method compared to the classic Tilt adjustment according to Scheimpflug is obvious. With Focus stacking a maximum sharpness over the entire subject area is achieved, while the Scheimpflug method can achieve this in only one plane ata time.

Please note: For better presentation, our application images may contain some accessories such as cameras, lenses, etc. which is not included in the scope of delivery.