Our philosophy

All NOVOFLEX products have originated from practical experience

Our philosophy

For over 70 years, NOVOFLEX has been producing photographic and cinematic accessories that are unique on the world market. What makes these products so special?

All NOVOFLEX products have originated from practical experience and the needs of the user, be it professional or amateur. Our products are designed to overcome the big and small problems of daily photographic activities. After long and careful study of a problem, our solution is often so astounding that our customers can only remark: ‘That’s typical NOVOFLEX!’

To achieve such results, we fuse our in-house photographic know-how with state of the art production technology. Thanks to the innovative management structure at NOVOFLEX, every department is involved in new developments from the beginning. This structure facilitates rapid passage of the original idea through every phase from initial design to the creation of working models.

The prototype models are then immediately subjected to practical testing by photographers. Only when all of the tests achieve the desired results, can a new product be considered ready for production. Most of the production of our products occurs in-house or under our direct control. Using this philosophy, we can guarantee the desired quality of the final product for long term use. And, because this quality must stand up to the hard everyday use of the professional photographer, we like to refer to all NOVOFLEX products as

“Precision for Professionals”

The NOVOFLEX-Salesteam

Once you have handled any of our products, you will agree that we live up to our promises:

  • Product versatility that maximizes user benefit
  • Ergonomically designed products with logical and clear controls for ease of use
  • Solid construction that promises reliability and longevity
  • Outstanding designs that enhance product functionality
  • And, on top of all that, extremely compact and handy!

In summary: a typical NOVOFLEX Product.