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The most flexible professional tripod in the world

The NOVOFLEX TrioPod tripod series has been one of the most innovative tripods on the market for four years now. The modular, professional model TrioPod PRO75 now makes the flexibility available to photographers with large and heavy equipment.

Basis for this completely new conceived, modular-designed professional type is the new tripod shoulder TRIOPOD PRO75, which features great stability and a higher load capacity compared to the smaller TrioPod series tripods.

Thanks to the reinforced design of the individual components, the TrioPod PRO75 can be used for even heaviest photo and video equipment. The maximum load capacity is now 65 kg/143 lbs.

A new feature of the tripod base is the upper mount which can be equipped with a levelling ball (MBAL-PRO75) or a geared center column (TRIO CC-PRO75).

For shoots on ground surface the tripod shoulder disposes of locking positions, with which the legs can be strutted apart in angles of 23°, 45°, 65° and 87°. In case of constricted room during indoor shootings a further locking position of 155° enables to strut the tripod at walls etc. Particulary innovative is a new additional strut of 43° that allows the tripod to be swiveled quickly for ground-level work, eliminating the need to reverse the center column and / or the tripod head. The numerous different locking positions are helpful in case of transport, itself. In order to reach smaller packing sizes, the legs fold up at 180°.

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TrioPod-M tripod base, single.

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