TrioPod M

The most flexible Tripod in the World

TrioPod M

The most flexible tripod in the world for medium-heavy equipment

The new professional tripod system TrioPod M does not only impress with easy handling, but also with hitherto unknown stability and unique flexibility.

The extremely flexible and sturdy tripod base can be equipped with legs made of aluminum, carbon fiber, mini macro legs, and all the tripod legs of the TrioPod and QuadroPod systems. Thus, different tripods can be assembled with only one tripod base.

Classic tripod
Mini- or table tripod
"Leaning pod"

The TrioPod M system is the   versatile and flexible professional tripod system for all photographers with medium-heavy equipment!

TrioPod-Review by Robert Thompson

TrioPod M - Products

TrioPod M Kits

Get extra information on the available TrioPod M Kits here. Each Kit comes with exchangeable mini macro legs and a carrying bag.

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TrioPod M Tripod Base

Get additional information on the TrioPod M Tripod Base here.

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TrioPod Tripod Legs

NOVOFLEX offers a selection of different tripod legs for the TrioPod M tripod base. However, all legs of  the TrioPod and QuadroPod-systems can be used.

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TrioPod Accessories

As a modular system, the TrioPod M offers a multitude of new, unprecedented mounting options: At the end of each tripod leg, additional standard threaded accessories can be mounted to ensure a stable base even in the most unusual shooting situations.

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TrioPod PRO75

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