Modular Copystand and Subject Holder


The MS-MACRO-REPRO is a small and modular copy-stand and subject holder; in short: a mobile Macro-Repro photo studio. A typical NOVOFLEX-product. The modular photo studio can be used in different configurations, e.g., to turn small things into great objects, to create reproductions up to DIN A4/US Letter size or to digitize transparencies and negatives up to 6x6/2.4x2.4”.
The Macro-Repro-Studio consists of:

• Repro column
• mini tripod leg
• base frame in U-form with installed white translucent plexiglass plate.

The following accessories are available:
• slide- and negative duplicator MS-FILMCOP
• infinity cove MS30
• metal base plate with 2 scaled magnetic strips MS-REPLA.

The repro column has been sized to duplicate templates up to DIN A4/US-Letter size, using a 35mm full-frame camera equipped with a Nifty Fifty or any other lens having 50mm focal length. The two lateral legs of the U-shaped base frame can be individually positioned (shifted) by means of the rear toggle levers, e.g., to accommodate the slide- and negative duplicator MS-FILMCOP, the MS30 infinity cove or the magnetic base plate respectively.

MS-FILMCOP comes with exchangeable masks to digitize framed 35mm slides as well as 35mm negative film stripes. Holders for 6x6/2.4x2.4” and 6x4.5cm/2.4x1.8” film are available separately. For the reproduction of plane templates, the white plexiglass plate can be replaced by the metal, magnetic base plate MS-REPLA. The magnetic plate is equipped with a raster, which makes positioning of your originals a childs-play. MS-REPLA comes with two scaled (cm and inch) magnetic strips, which aid in position curled and/or rolled originals.

The U-shaped base frame is equipped with a precise laser-engraved scaling to achieve reproducible results.
To properly light subjects, transparencies and negatives the NOVOFLEX MS-REPRO LIGHTs (5600K) can be attached to the 1/4“-20 and 3/8“-16 threads present. Positioning of the lights is made easy by the gooseneck arms each light is equipped with.

Technical specifications:

Column length: 65 cm/25.6 in
Dimensions of the base frame: approx. 40x40 cm/15.7x15.7 in
Weight: 2.8 kg/6.2 lbs

Scope of delivery:

Variable base frame
translucent base plate 31x31 cm/12.2x12x2 in
repro column
Mini-leg QLEG A1015

Please note that some accessories are shown on our application images for better representation, such as cameras, lenses, etc. which are not included in the scope of delivery.