The PATRON Accessories


With the the accessories, the PATRON is a complete system for photographers.

  • 5 differently colored reflector foils (gold / silver / sunlight / black and white) allow for a creative use in portrait and fashion photography
  • 2 tents, which are simply pulled over the screen, allow their use as a camouflage tent in nature photography or as a dressing tent in the people photography
  • The PATRON can be used on nearly every tripod with the appropriate tripod holder and can be perfectly aligned
  • small ball heads, thread adapters, monopods, etc. complete the system and let the screen become the "PATRON" of all photographers


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The Accessories

Three large 80 × 80cm reflective films in the colors Sunlight (gold / silver combined), silver, gold, white and black. The films can be used both in the normal state and in the inverted screen cap in order to lighten shadows, optimize the contrast or serve for directed, indirect flash lighting.

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