Universal Clamp 42


NOVOFLEX universal clamps are as helpful as a third hand and the ideal accessories for studio and nature photography.

Use them to fix items safely and securely to things like panels, doors, tables, windows, pipes, branches, fences, ladders or tripod legs.
Use them when you have no tripod at hand or when space is too tight to use one.

The clamps also make excellent car window tripods. All three clamps provide a screw-on fitting, offset at 90°, for ball heads, cameras, lights, flash units and accessories.
They can be attached to bikes, canoes or sailing boats, making them indispensable in sports photography.

Size: 74×44×30mm (2.91 × 1.73 × 1.18")
Weight: 170g (6oz)
Max. clamping width: 42mm (1.65")