Focusing Rack CASTEL-MINI II


A focusing rack is a prerequisite for successful and impressive macro shots, because only this way you can approach the subject precisely and with millimeter precision and precisely adjust the sharpness to the point. This is enormously important, especially at imaging scales beyond 1:1.

The compact NOVOFLEX focusing rack CASTEL-MINI II weighs in at only 265g but offers a surprisingly large adjustment range. This extends over 10cm and can be used beyond the near and macro range. The adjustment range can be further extended if the focusing rack is moved within a compatible quick release unit (ARCA UniQ/C compatible).

The new compact NOVOFLEX focusing rack CASTEL-MINI II integrates perfectly into the NOVOFLEX modular system. It is suitable e.g. ideal as a basis for the new NOVOFLEX automatic bellows units. With the compact NOVOFLEX focusing rack, focus-stacking images can be easily realized - regardless of camera and lens model. Even for stereo photographers, the compact NOVOFLEX adjustment slide provides the optimum basis.

The focusing rack CASTEL-MINI II is stable enough to be used on heavier D-SLR cameras as well. At the same time, it is light and compact enough to perfectly harmonize with current system cameras.
Technical Specifications:
Size: 145 × 109 × 32 mm
Weight: 265 g
Adjustment range: 100 mm
Camera Connection: 1/4” Gewinde
Tripod Connection: 1/4"-3/8"-Gewinde as well as ARCA-UNIQ/C dovetail profile