BALPRO 1-Set for Leica M photographers

Artikelnummer: BP1-90-LEM en

Available again from November 2018!

For users who work with the Leica cameras M240, M240P, M246, M10, we offer a preconfigured set of our universal bellows unit BALPRO 1.

This set contains the following components:
• BALPRO 1 universal bellows unit
• Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Digitar 4,5/90 lens head
• Camera connection adapter Leica M


We recommend using this bellows with Leica M Camera with Live View mode only (as of February 2017: M240, M240P, M246, M10). On all other M cameras, focusing is only possible in combination with the Visoflex II / III reflex housing.