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Shift-Adapter for BALPRO series bellows

Would you like to double the data volume of your digital photos? No problem if you have PROSHIFT+.

PROSHIFT+ doubles the data volume on all digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Fitted to a NOVOFLEX bellows, the NOVOFLEX PROshift+ is used to take 2 or 3 individual shots using parallel shift and multiple exposures. These partial images are then merged automatically to a complete image using an appropriate program (Canon Photo Stitch, Photoshop CS Photomerge, etc.). Photomerge has an advantage here because it supports fine corrections of the individual images at separate layers.

The image or file size, and thus the print quality is increased 2x to 2.4x, depending on the sensor size.

The procedure is straightforward: Photographers looking for extra quality mount single images manually in 16-bit mode to create large file sizes.

The procedure is suitable for all still-life takes, plus many landscape and architecture shots where there is no change during the 3 exposures. To obtain 3 separate files suitable for mounting, the lighting should be identical and the exposure setting (shutter speed/aperture) plus the white balance should be fixed manually.

In combination with the NOVOFLEX BALPRO 1, BALPRO T/S or CASTBAL-PRO universal bellows, the useful focal length is between 80 and 150 mm, with the effective focal length approximately 50% by the larger image field. In effect, the image area taken with a focal length of 150 mm corresponds to a single image taken at about 80 mm. At the same time, the sometimes unwanted increase in focal length is more than compensated for by the smaller chip size.

The NOVOFLEX PROshift+ adapter can be tilted for portrait or landscape format and offers all the benefits of the interchangeable NOVOFLEX adapter system, so that a change of the camera system won’t present any new problems.

The NOVOFLEX PROshift+ adapter can also be used with analog SLR cameras for normal photography with shift function.

Cameras are connected using the NOVOFLEX A-Mount adapters.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions : 105 × 125 mm (4,13 × 4,92”)
Travel: 25 mm (0,98”)
Weight: 270 g (0,59 lbs)
Compatible bellows: NOVOFLEX BALPRO 1, BALPRO T/S and CASTBAL-PRO universal bellows