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Reverse Adapter Fujifilm GFX


Opens up the world of close-up and extreme macro photography with outstanding quality for the owner of Fujifilm GF wide-angle lenses or zooms. The lens is mounted on the body in an inverted position using the reversing ring. The reverse adapter provides full electronic passthrough of all control functions.

Example: With a Fujifilm GF 45-100mm f/4.0 R LM OIS WR in reverse position directly on the camera, a magnification factor of 1.1:1 at 100mm focal length up to 1.9:1 at 45mm focal length can be achieved. When used in the normal position on the BALPRO-1 bellows, even larger magnification factors are possible: 0.59:1 at 100mm and bellows pushed together up to 3.67:1 at 80mm and bellows completely extended.

The FUG-RETRO reverse adapter comes with a filter thread of 77mm by default. For lenses with other filter thread diameters we offer suitable step rings.

The combination of FUG-RETRO and our universal bellows of the BALPRO-series (BALPRO-1, BALPRO T/S and CASTBAL-PRO) turns them into full-fledged automatic bellows for Fujifilm GFX. The BALPRO T/S even has a tilt/shift capabilities for close-up and macro ranges. The reversing ring allows lenses to be attached to the bellows in both the normal and reverse positions. No separate connection rings are required to connect FUG-RETRO to the BALPRO bellows. The V-groove for clamping in the standards of the bellows device is already present on both sides of the reversing ring.

The combination of FUG-RETRO with the bellows BALPRO-1 is also available as a pre-configured set BAL-FUG.

FUG-RETRO has a 77mm filter thread on the back of the lens connection piece for the use of filters and macro ring lights.

Technical specifications:
Length: 33cm
Width: 8.8cm
Height: 2.5cm
Weight: 263g
Filter thread: 77mm

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