Adapter for Olympus OM-mnt camera to NOVOFLEX universal bayonet A

Artikelnummer: OMA en

This adapter allows you to connect the camera to a series of current and historical devices equipped with the NOVOFLEX universal bayonet A. It can be used on the following products:

  • the medium format lens adapters HARING, MAMRING and PENTRING 67
  • the universal bellows unitss BALPRO 1 and T/S via intermediate adapter APRO
  • the universal bellows attachment CASTBAL T/S via intermediate adapter AUNI
  • the historic 35mm follow focus lenses of the C and D series
  • the historic 35mm follow focus lenses of the B series, with special bellows BAL-U or the special tube BA


This adapter is designed for analog Olympus SLR cameras with OM bayonet. For the matching adapter to Olympus cameras of the OM-D series with MFT bayonet look for MFTA.