Table Top Tripods

A hemisphere becomes a tripod and more

Table Top Tripods

The NOVOFLEX Table Top Tripods offer a safe and stable stand even on the road and in the most unusual situation - not only for cameras, but also for smartphones, tablet PCs, flash units, video lights and generally all things with a ¼ "threaded connection.

Table Top Tripods - Products


The new BasicPod is a fantastic, light alternative to a tripod for all those hikers, mountaineers, ski mountaineers and any other photographers who need to minimize the weight of their equipment when on tour.

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The BasicBall is the stable base for your camera, the NOVOFLEX 2-Way Pan/Tilt Head DinO, or for a NOVOFLEX MagicBall and other Ball Heads.

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The Minipod offers maximum stability combined with unprecedented flexibility. This is achieved by means of the individually variable angle at which each of the legs can be set.

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Weighing in at just 1.8 oz. / 50 g, the Micropod is an ideal companion if you‘re out and about. It also scores highly in table-top photography. It‘s right for digital cameras and camcorders, but has no problems with supporting a heavy SLR camera.

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Clamp mounts

The universal clamp mounts offer stable support possibilities in difficult situations, as it can be fixed to boards, pipes and other awkwardly shaped objects. It is an ideal accessory in the studio and in nature photography.

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Forked Joint

The NOVOFLEX Forked Joint offers additional support when using long lenses, spotting scopes, etc.

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