Photography accessories

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Camera support systems

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TrioPod 3-legged camera support
TrioPod-M 3-legged camera support
TrioPod-PRO75 3-legged camera support
QuadroPod 4-legged camera support
Ball Heads
Double Gimbal Head
Quick Release Units
Coupling Plates - ARCA-compatible
Mini Tripods
Chest- and Shoulderpod
Spotting scope support

Panorama photography

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Panoramic Heads, Single Row
Panoramic Heads, Multi Row
Panorama Panning Bases
Leveling Head MagicBalance

Macro photography

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Extension Bellows
Focusing Racks
Reverse Adapters
Flash Holding Systems

Lens Adapters

Adapter for Third Party lenses

We offer a multitude of lens adapters, to combine lenses and cameras of different manufacturers.

Our Adapterfinder gives you fast and convenient information about your desired combination.

Magic Studio

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Patron the Umbrella

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The Umbrella

Useful accessories

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Check Cards
Neoprene Wrap
Rod Set