Bellows Lens head Schneider Kreuznach Pyrite 4.5/90mm


For the Universal Bellows of the BALPRO-series (BALPRO 1, BALPRO T/S und CASTBAL-PRO), NOVOFLEX offers the special lens head - Pyrite 4.5/90 (formerly known as Apo-Componon 4.5/90) - by Schneider Kreuznach. The lens head is apochromatic and digitally corrected, and it comes with a fixed, recessed mount (pre-installed) for easy attachment to any BALPRO bellows. The package also includes the NOVOFLEX SON37 lens hood to prevent stray light.

With a BALPRO-bellows, focusing from ~1.3:1 to infinity is possible with any camera.

The Schneider Kreuznach Pyrite 4.5/90 lens offers impressive flexibility when used with cameras of different sensor sizes, ranging from Micro Four Thirds (MFT), APS-C and 35mm full-frame sensors all the way up to medium format cameras and digital backs.

Whether you are duplicating slides or engaging in reprography, this lens delivers remarkably sharp and detailed images in any shooting situation. It is particularly suitable for reproducing flat originals as it exhibits no loss of sharpness or field curvature. The aperture setting is stepless but can be locked in any position.

For use with the Tilt/Shift Bellows System BALPRO T/S, the lens head provides ample reserves for Scheimpflug adjustment, thanks to its large image circle.


Technical specifications

  • Interface V38-Mount
  • Focal length [mm] 90
  • F/# range F/4.5 ... F/64
  • Max. sensor size [mm] 90
  • Max. angle of view [°] 42
  • Filter thread [mm] M37 x 0.75
  • Storage temperature [°C] -25 … +70
  • Weight [standard, w/o adapter and hood] [g] 129
  • Weight [complete w adapter and hood] [g] 264